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Long-lived, deep-rooted perennial native grasses are a key botanical component of many native plant communities in South East Australia.
The diversity and landscape function of these plants and plant communities are a wonderful and crucial component of this continent.
If you are looking to restore important functions in the landscape; including the management of overland flow, soil stability, soil carbon accumulation and cycling, sub-surface soil moisture management, provision of habitat for insects, birds and wildlife; then Australian native grasses serve these functions well.
Join us in a shared passion for the conservation of these plants and plant communities and the restoration of their function, resilience and utility.
Re-building ecosystems: What are the principles? – Tim Berryman
To view a PDF version of the AABR Symposium presentation click this link, or to view the video presentation, click on the pic above.
TopSeed has supplied seed and undertaken direct-seeding restoration works for many customers over a long period of time. We supply seed, advisory services and undertake seeding and restoration works. Whether it be seed, advice or works – TopSeed aims to support you in your work restoring native vegetation from seed.
TopSeed seed harvesting and rehab capability.
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